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Birmingham, al, chat räume

birmingham, al, chat räume

46 (0), e-mail: ; Internet: reife frauen suchen junge manner chat sex treffen m - Ice skates and roller skates, clogs, baby shoes and shoes for ladies and gentlemen, suitcases and briefcases - all handmade from real leather, as well as jeans and dolls.
49 (0), e-mail: - Wickered goods: baby carriages, strollers, beach chairs, garden furniture, baskets etc.
Specialty: portraits from photos.
Diane Meyboom Miniature Painter, Diane Meyboom, Tuinstraat 101, 2921 XJ Krimpen a/d Ijssel, The Netherlands; Tel.Cri's Mini, Cristina Lissiotto, Via Oriani 11, 10149 Torino (TO Italien; Tel 39 pakistanische live sex com (0), e-mail: - Roomboxes und Accessoires im Shabby-Chic Stil, Dekorartikel.31 (0) Handmade furniture and miniature edibles - nearly anything is possible!Z (top) Carla Zandvliet, Kotter 72, 1186 WL Amstelveen, The Netherlands; Tel.Various small pieces of furniture from the 50s and dolls.31 (0), e-mail:, Internet: - Handmade miniatures, silk ribbons, lace and tiny trimmings.

44 (0), e-mail:, Internet: - Beleuchtete Roomboxes aus Massivholz, Puppenhaus-Elektrik (Schwerpunkt LED-Equipment hölzerne Bauelemente und Ölgemälde Nostalgie in 1:12, Michaela Stange, Leuschnerstraße 12b, 33102 Paderborn, Deutschland; Tel.
Will Werson Miniaturen, Will Werson, Oude Kleiweg 7, 3043 LD Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Tel.
11 (Modellieren wie die Profis).
Miniaturfloristik, Petra Wruck, Hauptstraße 21, 22869 Schenefeld, Germany; Tel.44 (0), e-mail:, Internet: m - Dressed and undressed pocelain dolls, sewing material, sewing patterns, drapery, lace; oil paintings and furniture painted by Gabriele Leiner; Lasercut-kits for toys and small pieces of furniture by Dragonfly, USA.Cinen Miniature, Carlotta Rossi, Via della Salute 21/2, 40132 Bologna, Italien; Tel.Specialty: richly filled, lovely decorated cupboards.Messe-Special Sanmaro-Atelier, Ursula Laepple, Bergwaldstraße 28, 75391 Gechingen, Deutschland; Tel 49 (0), Fax 49 (0), e-mail:, Internet: t - Große Auswahl an Stoffen (Meterware Seidenbändern, Tressen, Knöpfen und Nähzubehör.Ericson-Miniaturen, Eric Dees, Loosduinsekade 445, 2571 CK Den Haag, Niederlande; Tel.Vonas Miniaturen, Gert und Ans Vogels-van Nassau, Plesmanlaan 26, 4631 JL Hoogerheide, The Netherlands; e-mail: vonas-miniaturen @ - Turned and carved miniatures from wood and recycled ivory, processed in combination with gold (14 carat) and 925 silver in collectors' quality.Messe-Special Betty Horsten, 1e Octaviolaan 49, 2909 RB Capelle aan den Ijssel, Niederlande; Tel.9 (Wooden Paintings) Atelier Little Magic, Nadine Claes, Oude Godstraat 158, 2650 Edegem, Belgium; e-mail: - Exclusive miniatures for ladies and gentlemen, Jacominis kits.

9 (Malen mit Holz) Atelier Little Magic, Nadine Claes, Oude Godstraat 158, 2650 Edegem, Belgien; e-mail: - Exklusive Miniaturen für Damen und Herren, Jacominis Kits.